"Memories to Last a Lifetme..."

Our Photography Studio offers a wide range of photography, image manipulation and graphic design services to meet every need.  With extensive experience in both photography and graphic arts, we are uniquely qualified to capture and preserve your special moments the way you want them to be.  Some of our specialties are listed below:



Event Photography

Our most frequently requested service is Event Photography.  Be it a wedding, a social gathering, a business or promotional event... we provide full-service coverage for every occasion while attempting to remain as unobtrusive as possible. Coupled with our proprietary post-processing methods, special effects and our optional multi-media slide-video presentations,  JP Hayden Studios will capture your event with plenty of memories to spare.


Portrait & Personal

Don't be shy.  We all have the desire to be captured in the best light possible; both figuratively and literally.  With the increasing popularity of Social Networking and other means of presenting ourselves visually, the need for personal photos and imagery has never been greater. And JP Hayden Studios has the experience and processes to present you in a most favorable light indeed.


Novelty Photography

Photo manipulation is an art form unto itself.... and our Photo Studio is uniquely qualified to create Novelty photographs of any type. Be it for promotional purposes or inspirational impact... or just something silly and humorous, JP Studios can create something from nothing and turn something into something else.


Video Presentations

One of our optional specialties is the creation of a multi-media slide video prepared from a collection of photographs and video clips. Set to appropriate music. the resulting HD Video can have a greater memorable impact  that far exceeds that of the original photos alone.

Our standard package includes uploading the completed video to a suitable web host where the video can be viewed on-line and/or embedded or linked to in a web page or on Facebook, etc.  It also includes a copy of the video on CD for computer viewing... as well as a professionally authored DVD version for viewing on your TV or computer.

Below are some presentations from events photographed  at the Newport Harbor Elks lodge.