What is The Internet and Where Did it Come From?

newport harbor elks history of the internetThe Internet or "Web", as it is commonly referred to, is not really anything new.  In one form or another, it has actually been around since man first discovered caves and realized their potential. Certainly, having a roof over your head was a big plus. Protection from the elements and the occasional falling asteroid was all the rave and pretty soon, everybody wanted one.  The Cave Market boomed!!

However, 9 out of 10 archaeologists agree1,  that it was not the protection aspect of caves that was so appealing to early man.  No, the main attraction of caves was the advertising space.  All those walls... just crying out to be tagged in one form or another.

1  67.5% of all of statistics are made up on the spot.


Of sure, it started out innocently enough, probably as cave art to serve as public service announcements.  A simple drawing of a mastodon devouring one of the tribe. The message: "Stay away from Mastodons".  Good tip, thanks.

eat at cronks - history of the ineternetHowever,  we have discovered numerous ancient caves where the walls are littered with drawings of herds of antelope-like creatures all gathered together on a plain or around a water hole. Above the drawings are cryptic characters that we have not been able to interpret... but most likely they said something like "Eat at Cronks" or "Last Stop for Gas Before The Bronze Age".


So, today we call it "The Web".  Back then, it was "The Wall".  But both had the same purpose and function.  A public bulletin board of sorts to share information and promote enterprise.